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Who is Alain Delon?

Who is Alain Delon?

Alain Delon enjoyed the fame of the most famous French actor for a long time. He was the Casanova of the film, was swarmed by women and admired by men, he was a rebel and he was the lover of Romy Schneider until her relationship failed miserably.

Delon was born on November 8, 1935, in Sceaux, Île-de-France, and raised with foster parents due to the separation of his parents. The rebellious phase started early. He was rebellious and flew from six schools until he came to a boarding school when his foster parents died.

After completing his military service and fighting in Indochina, he returned to France, taking acting classes and making a living from various jobs. Since he quickly attracted attention with his outward appearance, he got his first role in the movie "Let the killers beg", where he coined his image as a rowdy and rebel for the first time. He played a minor role in a supporting role, shining in the grim character that was imposed on him in many other films. The following film was "Christine", through which he met Romy Schneider and with her a five-year, often discussed in the media relationship led. In 1959, the two actors got engaged, but their relationship broke in 1964.

With Visconti's film "The Leopard" Delon finally made the international breakthrough, tried to establish itself in Hollywood, found in this dazzling and superficial world but no favor. As an elegant hitman in "The Ice Cold Killer" of Melville, he played one of his most important roles. Both through his portrayals, as well as by private events, such as the murder of his bodyguard, his image as a connoisseur of the underworld was deepened. The tabloid press said that the bodyguard should have been a lover of his then wife Nathalie Delon. However, proof could never be provided for Delon's fault.

That Delon was a womanizer in addition to his gritty film roles, is well known. Not only did he have a number of affairs with fellow actresses, but he also allegedly had a relationship with singer Nico, actually Edith Boulogne, from whom her son Ari came, whom Delon did not recognize as his son and denied paternity. Nico was for a while also in Warhol's "Factory" and in his films an apparition and heavily addicted to heroin. When she died, her son was adopted by the Delon family.

Delon played many roles, but complained more and more the quality of French films and screenplays and is now mainly seen in various thriller series. He lives very withdrawn in Geneva and had to be treated in 2005 because of heart problems. By his admiration for the right-wing politician Jean-Marie Le Pen Delon made more headlines.