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Who is Meghan Markle?

Who is Meghan Markle?

US actress, glamorous, long unbaptized and also divorced: Meghan Markle does not necessarily correspond to what conservative royal circles regard as a befitting match. But she's the one who screwed Prince Harry's head. Love at first sight, that's the name of it again and again. After years of searching, the prince has found his wife for life.

Early Faced With Prejudice

Rachel Meghan Markle was born on August 4, 1981 in Los Angeles, California, and grows up in Hollywood. Her mother is a social worker and yoga teacher, the father lighting technician in television. But what characterizes her life above all: her mother is African-American, her father fair-skinned. Therefore, she is confronted with prejudices early on, but she still paves her way - or perhaps because of that, as she points out in an interview with the magazine "Elle": "Reflecting on my path helps me to appreciate what I have today. "

Discovered by Acting Agents

Meghan visits a Catholic school, later studies theater and international relations in Los Angeles and works for several months at the US Embassy in Buenos Aires. Then the classics so longed for: discovered by an actor agent in Los Angeles. For a long time her career does not really get going, she plays smaller roles, has guest appearances and smaller engagements as a model. 2011 finally follows the breakthrough with her role in the US lawyer series "Suits". By November 2017, she should belong there to the main cast.

From Producer to Prince

And the love? From 2004 to 2013, Meghan is teaming up with producer Trevor Engelson. In 2011 they marry in the Caribbean, but the marriage is divorced after two years.

In 2016, a friend organizes a blind date, where she meets Prince Harry. It sparks immediately between the two. They get closer quickly, enjoy their relationship in secret for a few months, until their love finally becomes public knowledge.

Media Pounce on Meghan

Although she has previously been in public, is experienced in dealing with obtrusive reporters, but she is rather known among series fans. With the first rumors about her relationship with Prince Harry she becomes the most googled actress ever. The media storm is fierce, tabloid press and comments in the social networks plunge at Meghan, her life - and also their origin. Harry finally turns on the official announcement of the relationship with an unusual appeal against "sexist and racist" comments on the net and a racist undertone in the press.

In an interview with Elle, however, Meghan also emphasizes the advantages of her media presence: "Such a reputation also carries with it a certain responsibility - one should stand up for certain things and focus less on glass shoes than on breaking glass borders Maybe I can, if things go well, inspire a bit. "

Dream Wedding and Offspring

In 2017, the signs of an engagement are intensifying. At the "Invictus Games" in Canada in September, both appear together for the first time in public - and are very much in love. The rumor mill seethes for weeks until the engagement is officially announced on November 27th. Quite openly, they talk in an interview about their love and the wedding proposal at an evening roast chicken meal. In a touching wedding ceremony, on May 19, 2018, Meghan and Harry make the wedding in St George's Chapel at Windsor Castle. Only a few months later - in October 2018 - the couple announces a happy news: they expect offspring.

A Completely Different Life

Meghan's life changes completely with the marriage to the royal house. Her acting career has given her up for a life on Harry's side. She also hired her lifestyle blog, in which she wrote about topics such as fashion, yoga, food, jewelry, women's rights and life itself - just not appropriate for a member of the royal family. Instead, she is gradually expanding her social engagement.

A Woman Who Works

Meghan, considered a self-confident feminist, uses her fame to engage socially and politically. Women on the stove - she does not think so. She is campaigning for women's rights on behalf of the United Nations. In 2015 she will give a speech to UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon. Since February 2018, she has been involved with Harry, Prince William and Kate as patron of the Royal Foundation, as well as being an ambassador for the aid organization World Vision Canada. A quote from Meghan speaks volumes about her activities: "I never wanted to be a woman who only goes for lunch - I always wanted to be a woman who works." Now a new role as a mother is waiting for her: In the spring of 2019, her child should be born.