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Who is Sacha Baron Cohen?

Who is Sacha Baron Cohen?

Sacha Baron Cohen is a British actor born on October 13, 1971 in London.

Sacha Baron Cohen grew up with a Jewish education. Even as a child he was active in Jewish organizations, was successful athlete and played in the theater group. After college, he went to Israel for a year to work in a kibbutz before studying history at Cambridge. Only after his graduation he devoted himself to his comic career. He appeared regularly in London comedy clubs and had first engagements in British comedy shows.

The producers of the popular "Eleven O'Clock Show" became aware of Sacha Baron Cohen's talent to reveal the true essence of human beings with his characters. In 1998 he appeared for the first time as "Ali G." in the show, since 2000, the figure was a regular part of the show. Ali G. lives from the ambiguity of the English language and interviews with the typical street jargon notions of politics, society and culture. The character became so famous that Sacha Baron Cohen moderated the MTV Europe Music Awards in this role in 2001 and released the feature film "Ali G. in da House" in 2002. In 2003 he got his own show on the US channel HBO.

In 2006, Sacha Baron Cohen released the movie "Borat". In it he embodies the Kazakh cultural representative Borat Sagdiyev, who holds a mirror by provocative, racist and sexist questions and the subsequent reactions of American society. The role had emerged from the "Ali G. Show" and brought him a loud public discussion and the Golden Globe. Cohen brought "Brüno" to the screen in 2009, but was less successful. Baron Cohen lives with his wife Isla Fisher and their daughters in Los Angeles. In 2013, he announced that he will star in the biopic "Freddie Mercury".