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Who is Alcibiades?

Who is Alcibiades?

Alcibiades, born around 450 BC He grew up with his uncle Pericles. Socrates was one of his teachers. Alkibiades was politically active in Athens early on and was one of the opponents of Kleon. In 420 Alkibiades was elected strategist during the Peloponnesian War. Despite or because of his success, he was not undisputed in Athens. In 418 he was not elected strategist again.

In 416, the Sicilian city of Segesta asked the Athenians for military support in the fight against Syracuse. Alcibiades found support for this, and the city prepared an expedition to Sicily. On the side of Alcibiades, Nikias and Lamachos commanded the troops.

Meanwhile his opponents had won the upper hand in Athens. They accused Alcibiades the desecration of religious symbols and recalled him from Sicily. Alcibiades did not appear in Athens, he fled to Sparta into exile. The Athenians sentenced him to death in his absence.

Alcibiades convinced the Spartans to intervene in Sicily. The Athenians were defeated on the island by the Spartan troops. The exile politician continued his campaign of revenge against Athens, in which he contacted the Persians in the name of Sparta. With the support of the satrap Tissaphernes he made sure that several Greek islands and Ionia broke away from Athens.

Shortly afterwards, Alcibiades fell out of favor in Sparta. He tried to persuade Tissaphernes to support Athens. But the Persian refused.

Again Alkibiades changed sides. He was chosen strategist by the commanders of an Athenian fleet that lay before Samos. Under his command, the fleet defeated the Spartans on the Hellespont, and enthusiastic Athens recalled Alcibiades. He was freed from all allegations. Subsequently, he was appointed strategist by the city.

Meanwhile, the Spartan troops commanded the army leader Lysander. A very successful soldier who caused much trouble for the Athenians. 407 defeated the Spartans an Athenian fleet, and the Athenians therefore released their idol Alcibiades. He then retired to private life.

But in 404 he had to flee from the Athenians and sought asylum in Persia. But Lysander and the Athenians caused the Persian satrap to assassinate Alcibiades.

This is how one of the most dazzling and power-hungry politicians of Greek antiquity ended up.