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What is Shashlik?

What is Shashlik?

For many palates a true meat pleasure ... the kebab skewer. But what does this popular skewer consist of and what is shashlik? The shashlik is a piece of meat roasted on a spit, often also marinated, usually served with onions, peppers and bacon. The meat is mutton, beef, lamb or pork.

Where Does Shashlik Come From?

The delicious meat skewer was invented on the Mediterranean Sea, from where it later reached the Balkans, where it became the epitome of grilled or roasted meat skewers. This traditional snack is offered mainly in Russia, the Caucasus and parts of southeastern Europe.

How is Shashlik Prepared?

Nowadays, there are numerous varieties such as kebab skewers being prepared. Meat is, as already mentioned, mostly mutton, beef, lamb or pork. But there are also recipes with fish, vegetables and seafood. Depending on your preference and taste alternately vegetables and meat, potatoes, mushrooms, fish or seafood are strung together.

In general, for the preparation of shashlik (recipe), the meat is first cut into smaller cubes. For a special taste, it is put into a marinade for several hours, where it becomes beautifully tender. When putting together the other ingredients should later be taken to ensure that there is enough space between the pieces, so that the meat does not remain raw inside. Then the skewers are fried or grilled on an open fire. As a side dish usually bread, rice or vegetables are often used. In Russia, for example, potatoes are served for shashlik.

Everyone should have at least once enjoyed eating shashlik. Whether with fish, meat or vegetables, because it tastes just great and you can only recommend it!