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What is Minecraft?

What is Minecraft?

As children, we played with building blocks and dug in the sandpit. Today video games have replaced sandbox and co. The innovative computer game Minecraft gives us the opportunity to let off steam creatively in an infinite world of building tools. The indie hit Minecraft is in development since May 2009. Through its innovative and simple concept as well as the sheer infinite possibilities arising from it, the game draws more and more fans into its spell. The limitless game world in Minecraft consists of blocks of various materials, which the player can only dismantle from and later on. The mined resources can be further processed and combined with other things into new objects. Thanks to newly created tools, other resources will be reduced and new production chains will be tapped.

Minecraft for Kids - Is the Game Suitable for Children?

The game looks childish by its design. Mainly it is about building objects and buildings and exploring the game world. But how child-friendly is Minecraft really? An educational assessment and tips for parents summarized.

For children, Minecraft, in spite of its simple appearance, combines many aspects that fascinate it: they can create their own world, create objects, improve the character and defend themselves against opponents.

Tips for Parents

It is important that children do not lose sight of the usage time, which can easily happen with this limitless game. Projects such as the new moat can quickly become the hourglass. The same is true of the eponymous work of digging tunnels and building gigantic mine networks to find materials. How much time players invest is up to you, so you can play Minecraft in between times for half an hour.

Especially younger children need to be accompanied by experienced players. There is no introduction to the game that explains basic mechanisms. Here parents can step in and join the game with the child.

For younger children, the creative and adventure mode are suitable. Here, the game world can be explored in peace, without players have to fear attacks. For older children it can be a bit more exciting in Survival and Hardcore mode.