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What is PUBG?

What is PUBG?

If you take a look at the player statistics of the Steam gaming platform, you will notice that a game has clearly outgrown the top ranking of the games with the highest number of players: The multiplayer survival shooter "PlayerUnkown's Battlegrounds", PUBG for short. At the top, it is played by more than 2 million people at the same time, beating its erstwhile competitors for first place on the Steam player charts - "Dota 2" and "Counter Strike: Global Offensive". PUBG did not appear until March 2017 and games like "Dota" have been known and popular for years. TECHBOOK explains the success of PUBG.

What's PUBG About?

PUBG is a mix of survival game and shooter. A round starts with a parachute jump: over a fictional island, all players jump off an aircraft - usually that is 100 players per match, which sail towards the field. The destination is the numerous buildings on the island. Here you can find equipment such as weapons, armor and bandages - and the faster you get armed in PUBG, the better. Because the goal of the game is to be the last survivor.

PUBG is based on the game mode Battle Royale: It is a survival game in which either Everyone plays against each other or teams consisting of two or four players compete against each other. They start on a field, in PUBG it is an island that gets smaller and smaller in the course of the game: A circle continues to grow, so that the players have to move closer and closer and a confrontation difficult to avoid. Anyone who moves too slowly gets out of the circle - and dies.

Players must now weigh up: how much risk do they want to take in search of better equipment? Do you rather stay defensive at the edge of the field or do you dare the offensive hunt for the players to surprise them? And do you dare to go near supply drops that promise a superior weapon, but almost certainly mean a confrontation with other players?

Why is it so Popular?

The great success of PUBG can be explained by several factors: First, it is a competitive shooter, which can be played both in the first person perspective or in the third-person perspective and requires no team - even as a lone wolf you can Have fun with PUBG. Shooters like "Counter Strike: Global Offensive" require a team if you want to play successfully. Preferably with friends, with whom one goes together in matches. The gameplay of PUBG is also great for playing alone - so you can always jump into a game.

The Last-Man-Standing prince also provides a lot of suspense and is a game mode that has taken a back seat in the last few years - now it's back and feels fresh and different compared to what " Counter Strike "," Battlefield "or" Call Of Duty "offer.

And a not insignificant share of the success also have Let's Player on Youtube and Streamer on Twitch: PUBG is also very popular here - just as this article was being written, more than 35,000 people watched other players on Twitch playing PUBG.

So Far, Still Early Access

PUBG has been a huge success so far, but it has not actually seemed regular yet, as the game is currently still in the early access phase. At Early Access, customers can buy a game that is still under development - that is, playable, but does not yet include all the features that the finished game should have.

This financing model allows game developers to sell an early version of a game in order to finance its further development and finish it. But early access is also repeatedly criticized, as this model is also abused: Developers offer unfinished games in the early access, alone write about the sale of this early version in the black and never finish the game.

For PUBG, however, such a course of the early access phase so far does not indicate: Developer Studio Bluehole is currently working on an Xbox One version, which also appear as early-access version on December 12, 2017 for the Microsoft console should. The PC version is also regularly updated and updated.

Only Mixed Reviews on Steam

Only with the Steam Reviews PUBG has to fight in the last months. Biggest criticism of the players: Too many hackers and cheaters are on the way on the servers and developer Bluehole do too little to take action against them. As a result, only 56% of Steam's more than 250,000 reviews are positive.

However, a fact many players are not put off by: after all, PUBGs are playing more people these days than ninth place in the Steam stats.